(Jabber-)Browsing the Panopticon data

Ok, further to my initial Panopticon/Jabber experiments, I’ve extended the panpush.pl script to respond to jabber:iq:browse requests. As the script starts, and receives the initial gush of data from the Panopticon port, and as it receives further pushes, it stores the data on the avatar icons, and makes this data available as results to the jabber:iq:browse requests.

To get a list of avatars in the Panopticon, you can send a query like this:

The response will look something like this:

Blammo the Clown Rael Dornfest Dan Gillmor ... #etcon bot

(I’d originally just returned each icon without the tag, but figured that that would probably be less than useful.)

You can ‘drill down’ with a further query (sent to the JID of the icon you’re interested in – remember, Jabber browsing is most effective when you can navigate a hierarchy of information via their nodes’ JIDs) like this:

Which should hopefully elicit a response like this:

http://progressquest.com/expo.php?name=Blammo the Clown Mmm... Beer Elementals 805 494 Blammo the Clown

This should reflect the latest information to be had on that avatar.