A Short UI5 Debugging Journey

30 Days of UI5 – Day 19 by DJ Adams

In an earlier post in this series, entitled “The UI5 Support Tool – Help Yourself!“, we looked at the Support Tool, examining the information available in the Control Tree. In particular we looked at the Properties and Binding Infos tabs. While exploring the new UI5 1.30 features with the Explored app, I re-noticed a small addition to the Explored UI – a Button that allowed me to switch to full screen mode to view control samples.


I thought it would be fun to use the Support Tool and other debugging techniques to see what was exactly happening in the Explored app when we toggled that control.

Identifying the Button

First, we need to identify the Button control – by its ID. We can use a context menu feature of Chrome which will open up the Developer Tools: Right-click on the Button and select Inspect Element. This will show us the ID in the highlighted sections in the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 09.13.22

Here, the full ID highlighted is “__xmlview2–toggleFullScreenBtn-img”, as we right clicked on the image part of the Button. Go up a couple of levels in the HTML element hierarchy and you’ll see the