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Social media has made taking and sharing photos of your life even more popular than it used to be. After all, in the days of film-based cameras or polaroids, you had to be a bit more conservative about who and what you were taking pictures of unless you had aRead More →

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Moving is stressful. And moving across the country? Well, that can be quite the ordeal! But with enough planning and organization, moving from Los Angeles to New York (or any other long-distance) can be relatively smooth. Check out the below tips to help you with your upcoming cross-country move. 1.Read More →

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The restaurant industry was no walk in the park before COVID-19, with most restaurant owners operating on razor-thin margins. This pandemic has wreaked havoc on the entire hospitality industry, and restaurateurs have innovated to survive in these uncertain times. Here are a few of the ways they’ve changed the game:Read More →

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While it may be hard to believe, the holidays are right around the corner! With everyone staying at home now, it’s even easier to shop online and purchase gifts rather than waiting until the last minute. Most people think stocking stuffers are useless gifts and can be a waste ofRead More →