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3 Alternative Therapies and What They Can Do for You

Talk therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is what most people think of when they think of seeing a therapist. However, there are many types of alternative therapies out there you may not have heard of that can be just as helpful in your healing journey. But given the sheer number of these therapies and their different applications, which one is the best for you? If you’re looking for new ways to heal yourself, here are three alternative therapies and what they can do for you.

1. Help yourself relax and feel at ease with aromatherapy.


Scents are all around us at all times, and certain scents can evoke a specific response when we incorporate them into our space or into products that we use in our day-to-day lives. This is the basis for aromatherapy. Some view aromatherapy as a great way to calm the nervous system, improve sleep, and alleviate stress. Others may apply certain essential oils in order to deal with physical discomfort from work or something more specific like headaches.

That being said, which oils should you employ in your own personal experiments? If you’re looking to see what a specific aroma can do for you, some of the best essential oil products to try include eucalyptus (may support your respiratory system), lavender (relaxing, may help with headaches), and peppermint (invigorating scent). Whether you choose to add some of these oils to a spray bottle or lotion or use a diffuser to spread the aroma throughout your home, there are plenty of ways to try out essential oils for yourself.

2. Work through mental health issues using somatic therapy.

Traditional talk therapy is generally helpful for those who are having trouble coping with a traumatic event or mental illness like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression. However, there are some who may need another form of support to work through their trauma and improve their quality of life, like somatic therapy. Somatic therapy, or somatic experiencing, is a form of therapy that combines CBT with body and spiritual therapy practices like dance therapy, mindfulness meditation, and breathwork to help patients release and heal from trauma both in the mind and in the physical body.

If you’re looking to heal the body, the mind, and the soul, there are plenty of great somatic therapists and spiritual healers out there interested in helping you recover from your trauma and build your resilience. If you’re looking for shamanic healing, somatic psychology, dreamwork, or a combination of the above, all you have to do to begin your journey is to look up “somatic therapist near me.”

3. Connect with your emotions through music therapy.


Music can often help you connect with your emotions in a way that other therapies may not, especially if you’re not as receptive to the methods that the therapy is using. For more creative types, discovering music can help you process your feelings through music, reconnect with songs from your childhood and process how you felt during that point in time, or even write your own songs that allow you to express your feelings and work through them. If music is transforming for you, find a music therapist trained in this form of therapy to reap the benefits it has to offer.

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, there are multiple types of therapies out there, each with its own benefits for certain individuals. If you’re looking for alternative therapies that may be better suited for your needs rather than just talk therapy, consider the three types of therapies listed in the guide above.


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