3 Hands-on Career Paths

In unconventional times during a global pandemic, many people are relieved they have solid, hands-on skills to ensure financial stability. With the real estate market moving quickly, there are many jobs in the trades that are proving to be extremely useful for making a great income. If you’re considering picking up a hands-on skill in high demand, here are three top career paths that might interest you.

1. Roofers


If you’re hoping for a job that will always be in demand, learning how to be a roofer could be a great way to spend your days outside while securing a great income. Perhaps you’ve seen signs for a fantastic roofing company in Melbourne and watched roofers repair commercial roofs on a building across the street from your Melbourne apartment. Or maybe you’ve always had an interest in new construction and would love to be the builder charged with securing a home’s structural integrity. As a roofer, you’ll not only have a skilled business that homeowners will pay big bucks for, but you’ll be able to put those same skills to use at your own home.

Many people who enjoy roofing like being outside, love working with their hands, aren’t afraid of heights, and enjoy working with raw materials. Less detailed than finish work, roofing is a type of carpentry that can mean getting dirty but where literally patch jobs could be the right answer to any project. Most roofers learn on the job and start out as laborers, making this an easy career path to get into.

2. Electricians


Perhaps you’re afraid of heights and the idea of being a roofer isn’t for you. Instead, with eyes on working for a reputable electrician company in a place like Royse City, you could put your love for working with your hands and building things toward a career as a Royse City electrician.

Electricians are some of the highest-paid and most well-trained pros in the building industry. To become an electrician, you’ll need to go to school or at least apply for licensing after a period of time working under a licensed electrician. This is because, in working with electricity, you’ll need specific skills to make sure you and your customers are never at risk of shock or fire. Faulty wiring on the wrong job could be extremely dangerous. For this reason, being well versed in both new and old construction is critical for a successful electrician. With that said, schooling will pay off two-fold in salary and the demand for your skills.

3. Carpenters


If you’re naturally great with math and enjoy hard work, a career as a carpenter could be right for you. Carpenters often specialize their craft but master carpenters can do it all. If you enjoy fine detail, you might want to consider applying for work at a company that specializes in finish work and renovations. If you’re more excited about building the bones and structure of buildings, you may want to think about becoming a framer.

After spending a few years as a carpenter’s helper, you’ll quickly learn what type of carpentry you enjoy most. Whether you opt to build decks and work in outside spaces on sheds and porches or enjoy more interior work like kitchens and bathrooms, your work will be in high demand. The only thing left to consider will be if you hope to do residential or commercial work or a combination.

In the end, by picking up skills in the trades, your services will not only be in high demand but you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your hard work pay off. Best of luck to you in whichever career path you decide to take. An amazing future awaits!


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