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5 Hotel Upgrades You’ll Be Glad You Invested In

Being a hotel manager can be a blast, and it can be a pain. On the one hand, you have international guests streaming through your doors, congratulating you on the great job you’re doing by making their vacation one of a kind. On the other hand, there’s always that one room filled with folks who complain about everything. In the end, though, it evens out and you get to enjoy being a part of your guests’ great experience.

So, how can you make their experience even better? You certainly ask yourself questions like that all the time. After all, you strive for excellence, do you not? You’re probably considering some renovations for the new year, something to really take the great experience your guests enjoy to the next level. If this sounds like you, read on to learn about some upgrades you won’t regret making to your hotel.

Install a custom swimming pool with a waterfall.


No one ever stayed at a hotel with a spectacular custom pool and didn’t immediately post pictures of it all over their social media. That’s because a custom swimming pool with some amazing outdoor water features (like a waterfall!) definitely brings a wow factor to any vacation. Even if you already have a ground pool at your hotel, consider installing a custom pool, with a pool design that you and your pool contractor have created together. A new pool is something to brag about and will make you stand out amongst all the other hotels and resorts in the Tampa Bay area. If you’re asking, “how much does it cost to build a pool in Tampa?” you’d be surprised to learn that the total cost is less than you may think. Reach out to Tampa Bay pool contractors to get a free estimate and start dreaming of your gorgeous new custom pool.

Get a contractor for roof repair.


A leaky roof does not spell luxury. Not only that, but a roof that needs repairs will cost you a pretty penny when you find out what it’s done to your structural integrity and foundations. Before you find yourself worrying about all of that, check on your roof early and often, always in a timely manner. An attic inspection by a professional roofer can let you know if you need a new roof or roof repair before it’s too late. This is crucial. After all, without a roof, you have no business. Literally!

For your own peace of mind, look for a roofing contractor with years of experience, who you can trust with your commercial roof. Whether you have shingles or any other type of roofing, you want a roofing contractor from a roofing company that knows the ins and outs of the roofing industry like the back of their hand. You want a roofing contractor who cares that you’ll end up a satisfied customer. Most of all, you want someone who will take care of your roof repair with care—square foot by square foot.

Invest in electrical services.


Electrical repair is another area that you should never skimp on. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of finding an electrician who will do electrical work that you trust with your eyes closed and for a reasonable price. Electrical systems are one area that both homeowners and business owners sometimes neglect. After all, it’s in the walls, so it’s easy to forget that those wires need attention, too.

This is a common mistake. Instead of waiting for your electrical systems to break down and your commercial customers to find themselves in the dark, or without a ceiling fan, look up an electrician who will do excellent work and get your electrical systems up to snuff. Not just any electric company will do. Make sure you’re not just opting for a cost-effective option. You want to pay a decent hourly rate, sure, but you also want your electrician to have the qualifications it takes to do the fantastic job you’re expecting. And, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you want someone who will keep you and your customers safe from the coronavirus while they’re at it. Once you’ve found an electrician you trust for all of your wiring and electric needs, you’ll also have someone who you can call for emergency services. After all, emergencies have a way of cropping up for business owners.

With this type of service and quality work in mind, head to Google and search for “Electrician Tampa” to get an electrician you feel great about. Now that the Tampa climate is a bit cooler, it’s a great time to do the electrical work you may have been putting off. This way, you’ll be ready to welcome your guests to the City of Tampa when the summer months return.

Get a hot tub and other spa amenities.


Who doesn’t love a hot tub? No one, that’s who! If you’re already investing in pool equipment and water features, get a hot tub with a heater in there, too. Your guests will love luxuriating in the jacuzzi, and you’ll definitely get plenty of recommendations on Angie’s List for the most fun hotel in the Tampa area. Most pool contractors can install this feature for you, as well, so you won’t have to go looking for another pool company. Just have them install it while they’re putting in your new swimming pool. A pro pool builder in South Tampa will be able to do this and provide great service with no problem, regardless of the pool’s size, and your customer satisfaction will go through the roof.

Also, consider hiring a masseuse or an aesthetician to come by your hotel a few days a week and offer treatments to your customers. Offering your guests more amenities is the best way to make your guests feel like your hotel is their new home—albeit their new home that has a custom pool, a luxurious outdoor living space with a hot tub, and a masseuse or aesthetician around to care for any stress they may have. They’ll definitely be returning to this “new home” once they’ve gotten a taste for the luxury and quality products you’re offering them.

Business owners know that there are plenty of ways to attract new customers, rejuvenate the client base, and make your mark on the industry. Be upfront about your intentions to take on any challenger in the Tampa area and prove yourself the best South Tampa hotel manager there is. By not being shy about planning your success, you’ll be sure to do great work and bring yourself good luck on the way.

So, look into a new swimming pool, but be sure to find a pool contractor who will build you the plunge pool of your dreams. Get a roofing company to redo your roof, but don’t skimp on hiring the best roofer out there. Find an electrician who is beyond reproach. Get some extra amenities on the property to give your guests an experience they won’t forget in a hurry. With these tips in mind, you’ll impress even the folks who always find a reason to complain. They’ll be at a loss for words because they’ll be enjoying your quality service too much to complain!


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