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6 Ways Tech Can Make Remote Work a Success for Your Business

The number of people who work from home is growing in the U.S. at a rapid rate. Over a 12-year span ending in 2017, the number of telecommuters increased by 159 percent. Remote work is an excellent option for business owners because of the long list of benefits. This can decrease overhead costs by eliminating or reducing the need for facilities to house staff and the related costs of maintaining workplace centers. The research has also shown that employees are more effective when working remotely. They’re more likely to stay with the company, which reduces the time and costs consumed by hiring and training new staff. Employers also save money because employees take less paid sick time as a result of working from home.

New business owners and those who are considering shifting to remote work opportunities will find that there is a range of tech products that can facilitate telecommuting. Different apps, programs, and hardware can ensure accuracy, efficiency, and security, depending on your business needs.

Remote Marketing

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Online shopping accounted for over $500 billion worth of purchases in 2018. Technology can help you reach these markets effectively. Tech enables staff to generate ringless voicemail drops, which is a way of delivering information to a potential customer’s phone without disturbing them. The message goes straight to voicemail and provides all the sales information that they need. Your advertising staff can produce online marketing that is tailored for distribution locally or nationally, enabling you to more effectively reach your target audience.


Data Exchange


Cloud technology has made it easy for people to share relevant work information with other staff and potential investors or customers around the globe. Instead of going to a physical location to access files, databases, and other resources, staff can log in and access the appropriate information online. There are also file-sharing systems that enable you to limit who has access to which files. This is an effective way of preserving and exchanging relevant data and ensuring everyone who needs specific information can access updates immediately.


Communicate with Customers

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A range of call center software prices is available to ensure that you get the specific features you need and can afford to establish an effective communication system. Simple programs enable call routing so that staff can be reached wherever they are. More complex software can direct text conversations and connect with social media. You can even opt to invest in a system that enables the use of a bot to handle and direct incoming calls and messages.


Connect Your Staff


Working remotely doesn’t have to eliminate face-to-face communication. There are many programs that can enable you to connect with your staff via smartphones, tablets, and computers. Video conferencing is a way to ensure that you can put in face-to-face time when needed. It’s also possible to use video conferencing for training sessions with new staff so that they can get personal direction and guidance.


Collect and Send Data Through Apps

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There are apps that enable staff to manage payroll data. Staff can use their smartphones to clock in and out. Some systems have GPS tracking embedded, which enables their employer to confirm where they were when they punched in or out. You may also have staff who use company vehicles and are offsite making deliveries, visiting clients, or performing other tasks. Fleet tracking systems can allow you to monitor your staff’s location and miles driven. Some programs will even provide data about issues such as aggressive driving


Keep an Eye on Resources and Merchandise

Companies that offer remote work may still have small business sites or storage facilities where products or resources are kept. Video security systems make it possible to monitor these locations even when you’re offsite. Remote video viewing is possible, and you can set up the system to alert specific staff via smartphone if sensors are triggered. Authorized users can even log in and watch recorded footage online. This technology ensures you can keep an eye on your business at all times.


Remote work has become the new norm. Take advantage of these tools to ensure you find success in your remote work environment.


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