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Are There a Lot of Career Opportunities for Computer Network Engineers?

These days, every business worth its salt is online in some capacity, and almost every company makes use of computer networks to move its fortunes forward. Whether it’s a vendor trying to give the sales team the necessary tools for success or a restaurant making use of online delivery options, only a fool would avoid the incredible capacity that a computer network provides.

Of course, seeing as most entrepreneurs are not training in computer science, this also means that nearly every industry needs an in-house network engineer or network administrator to ensure a smooth workflow devoid of unnecessary downtime. There are plenty of career opportunities for a computer network engineer with the drive to succeed. If you’re interested in becoming a network engineer or a network administrator but aren’t sure where the career path will take you, that knowledge should come as a relief. Let’s take a look into just a few of the opportunities that are available to network engineers in today’s fast-paced world.

Use your computer science know-how to provide CPQ solutions.


If you haven’t heard the acronym “CPQ” yet, it’s time to learn what those letters stand for, especially if you’re interested in getting involved in a retail environment. CPQ stands for “Configure Price Quote” and CPQ implementation is what makes it possible for you to order a burrito, but to hold the guacamole and add extra cheese. Let’s say you’re running a clothing store that allows shoppers to order a custom t-shirt, but each additional specificity changes the price of the item. Instead of having a sales rep get confused and allow for human error to mess up the price quote, a CPQ solution means that any discounts or added fees are added immediately. Plus, a great CPQ tool will integrate with any CRM platform (like Salesforce). Does this level of detail and personalization excite you? Get Cisco certified and become a network architect—it’s a great way to get involved in the world of CPQ.

Keep computer networks safe as a cyber security specialist.

Another fantastic realm for someone with a certificate as a computer engineer to get involved in is network security. Let’s take the same retailer as an example. As their CRM collects sensitive information about their customers throughout the CPQ process, that information needs to be kept safe. A cyber security specialist like yourself is just the person for the job! Everyone from small businesses to large enterprises needs network security, as we witnessed during the recent Colonial Pipeline debacle. Get Cisco certified and keep information systems safe.

Use your leadership skills to manage a team of network architects and administrators.


If you don’t want to stay a software developer or work on network systems for the rest of your life, it’s worth knowing that this career path offers avenues for advancement as well. In fact, a great CCNA training program will allow you to manage teams of network engineers, leading the charge on everything from installation to developing new systems.

Be a consultant to businesses looking for insights into their workflows.

Yet one more great option is to be a consultant to large and small businesses who want to take the first step towards new information technology implementations. You’ll have the expertise to offer insights on everything from pain points in the billing processes to how effective their firewalls are. Whether you’re offering a different way to approach network security or looking at spreadsheets to see what’s wrong with the information network in use, you’ll be able to use critical thinking skills to help companies grow and become successful.

There are many possible job titles that a computer network engineer can hold, and these computer science professionals are in high demand. If you’re excited about the possibilities offered by becoming a computer network engineer, get started on your certification as soon as possible.


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