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Efficient Ways to Track Equipment for Your Restaurant

It’s essential to have an effective restaurant inventory management system in place. You always need a real-time view of what ingredients and supplies your kitchen has on hand so that you can operate efficiently and make the most economical supply orders. Keeping a firm grasp on your cost of goods sold gives you a clear view of the health of your restaurant. An effective restaurant inventory management system helps you plan your budget and keep costs in check.

Follow the FIFO method.


One of the best practices in the restaurant industry is to follow the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method. Every time you receive an inventory order, it should be labeled with the day’s date and placed in the refrigerator, freezer, or shelf behind the older items. This also helps to keep the least amount of inventory on hand as possible. The less inventory you have to manage, the lower your risk of food waste, and consequently money loss. Forecasting your needs to the best of your ability ahead of time is a great way to help reduce this risk. Saving money this way means you have more to spend on the best prep table and commercial refrigerators.

You don’t have to go to the largest online restaurant supply store to find low prices on great products. You can find amazing deals on second-hand equipment from The Restaurant Warehouse, such as commercial refrigerators, food pans of all sizes, prep tables, and more. The retailer offers fast shipping, outstanding customer service, and special financing for first-time customers.

When it comes to finding a durable stainless steel top prep table, you can’t go wrong with a 27 inch sandwich prep table. A heavy-duty stainless steel top with a cutting board, pan capacity, and two-year parts warranty is the best way to keep food preserved in the hottest of commercial kitchens. The kitchen supplier offers a range of efficient salad prep tables with self-contained refrigeration, digital temperature control, adjustable cutting boards, ample cubic feet, and a two-year compressor warranty. Having a salad prep table with comfortable shelves, efficient airflow, and manageable storage space ensures your perishable foods stay fresh.

Utilize the right POS system.


A Point-of-Sale (POS) system does more than process transactions. The right POS system provides you with data forecasting, order planning reports, integrated accounting, and automated inventory tracking based on sales. That being said, it won’t help when it comes to tracking spoilage, spillage, inefficient or wrong preparation processes, customer complaint resolutions, or theft. You will have to manually input the necessary information into your POS system the first time so that you can take advantage of the benefits.

The best way to stay in control of your restaurant inventory is to use a tracking system that does the work for you. CHEQROOM provides a revolutionary way to quickly and securely manage your inventory from anywhere using the mobile app. You can eliminate the need for complicated spreadsheets by using your mobile device to scan QR codes and get real-time updates about your equipment.

You can manage assets from anywhere using the mobile app, and grant access to users so they can self-service access the necessary equipment. With cheqroom.com you have 24/7 equipment checkout access across all of your locations. The best inventory tracking system is paperless for fast, error-proof recording and accurate asset information.

Stick to a regular inventory schedule.


The key to tracking inventory is to stick to a regular schedule. Perishable foods need daily tracking while non-perishable items may need weekly or monthly inventory checks. Choosing to perform inventory on the same day of the week each time will give you better insights into how your restaurant performs and help you better plan for seasonal demands.

Staying in control of your restaurant inventory is the best way to keep your costs in check while keeping up with the demands of your kitchen.


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