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Home Renovation Tips for Florida Homeowners

So you’ve been a homeowner for a while, and you love your home. What’s not to love? You live in the Sunshine State, with the best weather in the United States, and own your own home. Whether you’re in the Tampa Bay Area or Sarasota, you know that Florida is the best place to be a homeowner in the U.S.

The thing is, though, that every home needs a remodel every once in a while. Maybe it’s just some new fixtures because the old ones are outdated. Maybe it’s something more major, like calling a general contractor to rip up all your tiles for a bathroom remodel. Maybe your living room needs some love, or your master bathroom needs updated plumbing.

Whatever it is, it’s better to get moving on a remodel sooner rather than later. Minor problems with the roof or the plumbing will only worsen, and hiring a general contractor will become a lot more expensive as time goes on. If you’re considering updating your bathroom, roof, or kitchen, read on. Here are some of the best remodel ideas for a Florida homeowner to invest in.

1. Install solar panels on your roof.


They call it the Sunshine State for a reason; Florida is swimming in the sunshine. In fact, according to recent estimates, Tampa has an average of 246 sunny days a year. That’s a lot of gorgeous weather to enjoy. If you love the sun, Tampa is definitely the place for you.

You may not have thought of when it comes to sunshine because it’s also free energy—and free energy is basically free money. Did you know that you can make your own electricity by installing solar panels on the roof of your home? Instead of paying the electric company for the bright light in your living room, you can make that light yourself. In fact, if you make enough energy, you could even make a few dollars by selling electricity back to the utility company for a profit. It makes sense not to take out a loan if you live somewhere that’s overcast most of the time, but in Tampa, you’re basically throwing out money every day you don’t get an installer to put solar panels on your home.

Installers and solar panel systems can indeed cost a pretty penny for an initial investment. That being said, you should know that residential solar loans are out there for a fair price and are affordable. A company like Loanpal specializes in solar loans such as these. Loanpal’s consultants can help you understand exactly how much of a solar loan you need for your roof. Then, Loanpal professionals can point you in the right direction for the installation process. A solar loan is definitely worth your consideration. If you’re sunbathing in the backyard, let your solar panels catch some rays, too!

2. Prepare for hurricane season.

Yes, there is abundant sunshine in the Tampa Bay Area, but there are also tropical storms and hurricanes. Floridians know that they absolutely must be prepared for the imminent demolition of their whole homes and that they have to have everything organized for a hurricane ahead of time. This means getting emergency supplies, planning an evacuation route, learning about the best steps you need to take to care of any seniors who may be living with you. It also means making a family disaster plan for how you’ll contact one another should the worst happen, and you find yourself separated from your family. It’s not fun to remember these trying times, but it’s better to be prepared ahead of time for any eventuality.

3. Get yourself a new bathroom, tub and all.


One thing that spells luxury is a bathroom remodel. Lying in the low light, relaxing in your new tub, with gorgeous countertops and a shiny faucet, you’ll feel like you’re at a spa, especially if you add a few houseplants, like orchids, around. The problem with a bathroom remodel is that it can get pricey since there’s liable to be plumbing and precision artistry involved. Nevertheless, it’s totally worth the investment.

When you’re considering installing new cabinets or a new bathtub, you’ll want a general contractor and project manager who know what they’re doing. Plumbing isn’t something for a homeowner to mess around with—it can go south too easily and quickly. There are some great general contractors in the Tampa Bay Area, though. Just Google “Tampa bathroom remodel” to find one who will do a great job for an affordable price.

4. Invest in some greenery and houseplants.

Houseplants make people happy—it’s just a fact. Regardless of the type—floor plants, snake plants, or even an indoor tree—having houseplants around can boost your mood and wellness. ZZ plants, for example, have especially great air-purifying qualities. Even an artificial plant is better than no houseplants at all. Just having some glossy leaves around makes people feel calmer.

If you’re debating whether you’re better off with a Chinese money plant or a rubber tree, you should first think about how much light is in your house. Levels of light differ vastly in various cities around the U.S., so you should take a look at how many windows you have and if they are north-south, east, or west-facing. A succulent doesn’t need as much light as an orchid, for instance.

Then take a look online at which plants need high light, which prefers medium light, which thrives best in low light conditions. If it’s your first time bringing home a planter, do your due diligence. If you put a high light plant in low light, it just won’t thrive, and you’ll have depressing containers full of fading greenery before long. It’s a great way to add some color to your living space without overextending your entire housing budget.

5. Install a swimming pool.


Who doesn’t love taking a dip in a refreshing, cool, blue swimming pool on one of the hundreds of sunny days in Tampa? If you are a lover of swimming, you should consider putting a pool in your backyard. With private access to a custom pool as an integral part of your landscaping, you’ll be enjoying a whole new quality of life.

Actually, there are plenty of pool installers and general contractors in the Tampa area as well, so you can do a quick Google search for one of those. Since you already live in one of the places with the best weather in the United States, you may as well enjoy it.

There are plenty of great ideas for a Florida renovator to take on, and with a reliable project manager, you can be sure you’re doing a great job every step of the way. Remember, your home is your haven, and it should fill you with light and energy. Whether you need to contact Loanpal about one of their residential mortgage loans or you’re just buying some succulents to spruce up the living room with, take the time to make your home what you’ve always dreamed it can be. After all, that’s what being a homeowner is all about. Owning your space and making it the paradise, you know that you and your family deserve.


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