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How Churches Can Use Technology to Attract New Members

Technology is fast becoming a part of our everyday lives, and churches are taking advantage of technology to support and stay connected to their members. No doubt, the church is a place of worship for all Christians, and many people come together in one place to freely share the word of God.

However, a church’s growth is dependent mainly on how well they can attract millennials, as they make up the largest generation today. In addition, churches now Livestream most services and can reach a larger audience beyond their local assembly. If you want to know how your church can be a part of this technological evolution, keep reading for some vital tips.

1. For running effective marketing campaigns.


Talking about marketing in a church might seem uncomfortable at first. However, in this day and age, marketing is vital for the survival of any organization. Churches are no different. A church can use technology to implement a marketing strategy and manage all its marketing assets.

No doubt, marketing involves promoting and creating awareness of a particular product or service. So, if you don’t market your church online, most people would never know it exists. First, start by employing the services of a marketing manager to help create brand awareness. The marketing manager shouldn’t work alone but rather with a team that can help create several online marketing materials for the church.

Your marketing team can build a brand for the church with many marketing assets like emails, brochures, blog articles, and website content. To make the working process smoother, available technology and tools like marketing asset management software will come in handy. Such software offers control over all your marketing assets, and you can organize them all in one central hub. Your game plan should involve everything needed to market your church, from digital ads to a good online presence.

Your team can then develop creative fundraising ideas like selling church candles and creating promotional materials for members like t-shirts, stickers, and more. The church can target holiday seasons like Christmas to give back to the community. You can market the candles on the church website, and candle followers who love candles can be attracted to your church.

2. For building a professional website and Bible app.

Another way a church can use technology to attract new members is by building a website and a Bible app. Doing this means that people can easily connect with the church. The church website should include a name, logo, and brand colors. If you run a church and you’re not sure where to start, you can first hire a graphic designer to create captivating logo designs.

You can prepare brand guidelines to help with brand consistency. Once you get the perfect design, the designer can create layouts and formats to use on the church’s website, letterheads, and other materials.

If you have a good eye for design, you can consider doing it yourself. Canva, Photoshop, and many other do-it-yourself apps are available online to help you create unique logo designs and customizable templates. Once the branding is completed, it’s now time to create a presence online. First, hire a professional web developer to create a website or Bible app. The site should be interactive and include a church blog or daily devotionals.

3. For creating a strong presence on social media.


Social media has become a mainstay in this generation is the perfect way churches can use technology to attract new people to a church. However, it’s vital to create a strategy. First, your church should create accounts on the most effective platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Once you can create an Instagram account for the church, the rest is a walkover. There are many Instagram templates you can use to create attractive Instagram posts. Also, your church can take advantage of Instagram stories to post pictures and videos of church events. With creative content, you can then increase your church’s Instagram followers— who eventually become dedicated members. Alternatively, you could also hire social media influencers to increase followers.

It’s also worth noting that when posting content online, try to include pictures of the church on the website and social media pages. Then, try to share salvation stories, inspirational quotes, and more information about upcoming events. When people read the stories or watch videos of other people’s testimonies, they’re encouraged to come to church. No doubt, the content of your social media pages has to be very enticing.

4. For reaching out to potential members.

Many people need to know they’re loved. For this reason, such people tend to seek acceptance in a church. Technology has made it easier to reach out to people without seeing them physically. You can use technology to check engagements on your church’s social media pages and show love to potential members by checking up on them often.

You can have a dedicated follow-up team to always monitor the pages and stay in touch with them. Your staff can even have online prayer lines to pray for those in need. Once you can follow up on people, they’ll always come back because they feel loved.


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