Special Day a Memory

How to Make Every Special Day a Memory

Every year, we celebrate special days like birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions with big events. As time goes on, sometimes those events start to blur together. Telling your sixteenth birthday party apart from your seventeenth can get tricky. We all want to remember those special days as best as we can, so how do we turn them into memories that will stay with us? Here are four top tips for making a special day last with us for as long as possible.

Plan big events in advance.


Of course, the best way to cement a special event in your memory forever is to host an unforgettable event. Get organized, and plan activities or events in advance that no one will forget in a hurry. For example, a child’s birthday party can be made a real delight by hiring a dedicated entertainer. Hiring magicians for birthday parties are often a popular choice. After all, there’s no better place for a bit of magic than a kids’ birthday party. A professional magician will have dozens of tricks up his sleeve to make your private event one to remember.

Commemorate special occasions with gifts.


If you’re celebrating a special event for someone you care about, like a child’s next birthday party or a confirmation ceremony, gifting them a thoughtful present will not only boost their spirit on the big day itself but give them a keepsake box to help them remember the event for years to come. For a little girl or boy celebrating their confirmation day, confirmation gifts are a great option to celebrate one of the most important rite of passages. The best confirmation gifts are ones that the person can appreciate on the day and remember for years to come, like a confirmation pendant or perhaps a special edition of the Bible. Whatever wonderful gift you choose, it’s sure to help make their special day that little bit better.

Take lots of photos.


Keeping photos and mementos from special occasions can actually help to prime your memory. That means that every time you see that image, you remember the day itself all over again. Put your treasured photos on display in frames, or keep a dedicated photo book for each event that you can look over from time to time. Having a physical version of the photo helps a lot, as digital photos often end up rarely being looked up, saved on hard drives, or are too far back on a phone gallery to ever notice.

Live in the moment.


Experts say that memories are stronger when backed up with emotional connections. Of course, any special day is emotional for guests of all ages, but living in the moment and really experiencing those emotions can actually help you to remember the day better. Your brain will create a stronger association with your child’s graduation ceremony when it’s connected with how proud you were feeling at the time. You’ll remember every single one of the children’s parties you’ve attended, no matter much of a great party each one was if you connect it with the feeling of amazement from the magic show. Whatever emotion is particularly strong that day, let yourself enjoy it, and your memory will be a lot stronger because of it.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to remember every dance, corporate event, birthday party, or wedding as though it was yesterday. We’re lucky to celebrate so many special events with our loved ones, and we deserve to remember them as well as possible. Here’s to having many more down the line that we can all look back on fondly!


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