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How To Pick Out the Right Gemstone To Accent a Look

Gemstones in every color of the rainbow are loved by people all over the world. Whether for their meanings or healing properties, precious gems are popular for their originality and pops of color. More and more, style pages of magazines and fashion bloggers are showing off their vibrant gems and offering suggestions on how to use them as accents to any outfit. If you’re interested in learning what the fuss is about and how you can use gems to accent your wardrobe, read on.

Overall Style and Gemstone Meanings


You don’t have to be a renowned lawyer and mineral enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of a gemstone. People from all over the world have celebrated the clarity and beauty of crystals. These days, jewelers and fashion influencers alike are taking notice of how these durable stones can work as unique pendants, earrings, bracelets, and overall accent pieces.

When considering a gemstone to accent your outfit, you’ll want to think about the stone’s overall meaning and do what you can to tie it to your personal style. While some people will simply match the stone color to their favorite skirt or T-shirt, others get deeper, connecting the spiritual meaning behind their favorite stone to their clothes.

Maybe, for example, you’re recovering from cancer. Your perfect stone might be an amber. Said to have healing properties and to keep you safe from illness, this vibrant, yellowish stone would look fantastic with a blue dress or even a black sweater. That is, you can tie both a stone’s meaning and purpose and your outfit together with just a little thought.

Beauty Routines and Personality


If faux mink eyelashes are your go-to accent, you’re probably well versed enough with social media influencers who are using gemstones as the new diamond. Determined to promote companies and businesses with cruelty-free products, this isn’t the first time they’re turning to the natural, organic beauty of gemstones.

For many, picking the perfect gem as an accent isn’t about clothes as much as it is other forms of beauty. Matching a favorite shade of lipstick to a purple stone, for example, is one way people are accepting their look with stones. Maybe you have bright blue eyes. An aquamarine or even turquoise stone could accent more than your wardrobe.

For others, who hope to use gemstones to shine a light on their personalities, they’re turning to stone meanings. For them, it’s about dressing for success. An amethyst, for example, is one of the most powerful stones. While it provides spiritual protection, it also gives off a hint of power. For someone looking to feel powerful or in control, this might be the perfect stone. Maybe you’re a boss looking for the perfect stone to offset your corporate suit. This stone would give the perfect pop of color but send a message about your confidence, too.

Special Occasions and Events


Special occasions and events are the perfect reasons to pull out your favorite gemstones. Something different than the expected diamonds or pearls, a colorful choker made of gemstones would set you apart from other attendees or guests and make that evening gown sparkle. When considering this, think about complementary colors.

Favorite and Complementary Colors


For those who love gemstones as they are and don’t put much thought into their meaning, picking stones in a favorite color is a perfectly great way to appreciate the beauty of a stone. For the most fashionable, one way to pick an accent stone is to use a color that’s complementary to your outfit. Think of the color wheel. Orange is complementary to purple, for example. Wearing your favorite orange dress? Grab an amethyst. In using an artist’s palette to pick the perfect stone, before you know it, your style will be the envy of everyone at the gallery show.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with any gem. With colors from all over the world and pieces that will uniquely work to represent you, combining any gemstone with your outfit is sure to be a hit. The bigger question, when wondering how to use gems for accents, is which of your favorites to pick.


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