Keeping the Romance Alive When You Travel a Lot for Work

Keeping the Romance Alive When You Travel a Lot for Work

The world has got a lot smaller nowadays, with plane travel getting ever cheaper and easier. Many people are finding themselves traveling more for work and needing to stay away from their partners for a few days at a time, or even longer. Having so much time apart can put a strain on any relationship, so how can we make sure to keep the spark alive with your spouse while traveling a lot for work? It’s a struggle that many of us face, both male and female, and it can only get more intense once you start to have children or share a home, with housework, finances, and childcare issues coming into play. Disagreements can have big knock-on effects on your relationship and happiness together, so it’s a good idea to find ways that you can stay ahead of any potential problems.

Luckily, because it’s a problem so many people face, there are a few tried and tested ideas for how to keep romance and happiness alive in a relationship where you are often separated. Here are a few ideas for being a better spouse even from a long way away.

Dress the part.


When you are together, try to get that extra mile to make things special. A great way to do that is in your sex life. Make a big deal of getting a new panty or underwear set when you have a special night together. It’s the little things like this that can make a night feel like the first time all over again, even for established couples who have spent years together. Spice up an old routine with exciting foreplay and enjoy the intimacy with your partner.

For couples who have been together for a long time, it can feel intimidating or alien to try new things in the bedroom, but it’s often

the best way to keep things fresh. Think of it this way: do you always order the same thing from your favorite restaurant? Even if you do, does that mean you want to eat there for the rest of your life? We all like variety, so make sure you bring some of that same variety into the bedroom with your husband or wife. If you don’t get much quality time with them, make every second count.

Show that you’re thinking of them.


Even while you’re away from them, try to show that you were thinking of them all the way through the last week on your return with a cute souvenir. For example, if you’re on an overseas jaunt to Bavaria, bring back some Munich souveniers, like sweets or beer steins. Being away from home can sometimes cause resentment with your spouse, so smooth over any ongoing confrontations with a sweet gift to show they were still on your mind.

Other ways you can show that they are on your mind are sending them texts, pictures of where you are, and setting up regular check-in times where you can video call or speak on the phone. Knowing that your partner listens to what’s going on in your day is the best way to maintain an ongoing connection with them, even from far away. If you have the time, treat these video chats as mini-dates, with a nice meal or drink that you can share together, even when you’re hundreds of miles apart. Dress up in something nice and maybe even get sexy over the phone. You’d be amazed at how much that can spice up an otherwise dry workweek.

Keep striving for improvement.


Don’t think that the same old patterns and tricks from your relationship will continue to work. If things have changed in your routine together, like you spend more time apart, then that will have knock-on effects for the rest of your relationship. Be prepared to put in more work, in the long run, to continue to be a great husband or wife. Research online about tips for becoming a better husband or wife and put them into practice. Treat your spouse with empathy and understanding, give them the benefit of the doubt, and make sure you don’t both slip into boredom within the relationship. It’s vital to keep things fresh and communicate with each other openly, even on a bad day, to ward off any future problems between the pair of you in the first place.

If you’re unsure if there’s anything you need to change up in the relationship, go ahead and ask them—although maybe not if they are already in a bad mood! Listen to what they’re saying and try to take what they say as a compliment, even if they have something that they wish was different, at least they are ready to make some changes and are striving to be a better husband or wife to you as well. Being a good husband or wife doesn’t always come naturally, and that’s okay. Like all the best things in life, you need to work hard at a marriage or relationship, so think of this time spent improving yourself and each other as an investment into your future happiness together.

Value your time together.

Make sure to reserve time for romance when you see each other and don’t get too caught up in household chores. If the only time you spend with one another is spent doing boring tasks, then boredom will quickly take over the whole relationship. Light a few candles, even if it’s just to spend an evening on the sofa together. The best things in life are when we put a little extra thought or attention to them. Leisure time can become quality time with just a little effort, you just need to plan ahead enough to put some extra sweet touches into action. Discuss it with your spouse in advance so you can both plan ahead for when you’re apart, which will also help to give you both something to look forward to and help the time pass faster.


If you have something negative on your mind, try to create a time to discuss that as well, but make sure to balance it with fun time as well. Once again, if the only time you spend together is attached to something negative, then that will put even more of a strain on your relationship. Even if you fight while together, by the time you need to leave again, try to have things smoothed over. It never helps to leave each other in bad moods or still in the middle of a fight. Make nice, apologize, and leave them with love, not with shouting and arguments.

Above all else, communicate with one another at every step. So many relationship problems can be sold with communication, so don’t think that hiding your struggles or concerns will help. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, and your partner should always be the first person you go to with your worries, no matter how far apart you might be. By putting the time and effort in to make the most of some of the tips above, having to be apart from each other will be much easier to manage and your future together will be far more stable. Invest in yourselves together and you won’t be sorry!


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