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Your Guide to Integrating Your Store With Shopify

The best practice for eCommerce merchants to build their brand, establish market share, and increase sales is to work with several different platforms. The success of your online store relies on the effectiveness of your marketing tactics. Rather than building your marketing one app at a time, integrating with Shopify Marketing offers scalability. Businesses of all sizes can use Shopify website integration to create a more unique online shopping experience for customers.

Integration is ideal for stores with limited products.


Not all eCommerce sites have a large product offering. Integrating your online store with Shopify is a great way to earn additional revenue, increase brand awareness through promotional products, and promote other services or merchandise.

Choosing the best eCommerce platform is the first step in laying the foundation for a successful online store. The most popular eCommerce platforms use a template that provides store owners a core shopping cart, payment options, shipping, and store management features. EnderTech provides a comprehensive comparison of the top eCommerce platforms—SaaS eCommerce platforms Shopify and BigCommerce as well as the leading open-source eCommerce platform Magento. To compare Shopify vs Magento vs BigCommerce, the eCommerce developers considered the factors, features, functionality, and costs of each.

Shopify and BigCommerce merchants pay a monthly fee, while Magento store owners only pay for hosting. Each eCommerce solution comes with basic sales, discount pricing, and special offers. Magento offers the best variety of pricing options, including customer group discounts. Only Enterprise BigCommerce and Shopify Pro come with advanced pricing functionalities.

All three platforms feature backend integration with accounting, purchasing, and inventory systems using extensions. The open-source solution, Magento, features more customization features and added functionalities. Each platform works with major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay. All three platforms integrate with major standard shipping service providers and keep up with changes to sales tax laws.

Shopify stores limit owners to 100 variable combinations per complex product and three discrete variant options. BigCommerce can handle up to 600 variants, and Magento commerce offers unlimited variants for all product types. Choosing the right eCommerce platform depends on the needs of your eCommerce store, but Shopify is likely best for merchants with limited products.

Integration helps you test the viability of your products.


Reaching your target audience, increasing your online presence, and making it convenient for current customers to shop from the comforts of home is key to running a successful retail store. There’s some risk, time, and resources required to launch an online store. Integration with Shopify is a smart way to test the viability of your products. It’s a simple and affordable way to test the market response of your eCommerce business before committing to investing in a full-on online business.

You can improve your landing page with products.


SEO-optimized landing pages are essential to a successful marketing campaign. The landing page of your eCommerce website serves as the gateway to your product page. It should be distinctive from your main website and feature a single, clear call to action. Focus your website building efforts on organically navigating shoppers through your store all the way to the checkout page. The Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK integration can help maximize the sales of product promotion by directing shoppers to a landing page highlighting the features of your product.

You will need to create engaging, relevant content that helps market your product. Videos and tutorials are popular content, but creating them can be time-consuming. Adobe Premiere Pro software is a creative suite that allows you to add graphics, change colors and tones, and edit clips together. Premiere Pro is compatible with Mac and PC, and its ease of use allows both beginners and pros to take their editing to the next level.

You can enjoy an Adobe Premiere pro free trial from Free Trials to determine if it’s the right fit before purchasing a plan. Sign up for a seven-day free version of Adobe Premiere Pro, input a credit card, choose your plan, and begin exploring all the advanced features at your disposal. At the end of the free trial, you can choose to cancel or take advantage of a discount offer.

Shopify integration is essential for any merchant with limited products, who is hoping to test the viability of an online store, or who needs to improve their landing page to increase sales.


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