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3 Resources for Teens in Phoenix Transitioning to College

For recent high school graduates in Phoenix and beyond, few transitions are as impactful as the move from being high school students to becoming college students. You might not be a “real“ adult just yet—after all, you’re usually not dealing with utility bills and rent payments—but you’re not a child anymore, either. Instead, you’re balancing the hard work of college classes with the leisurely social life of frat parties and extracurriculars. Overall, you’re at a unique crossroads that can change your life forever.

With all that in mind, it’s unsurprising that many high school grads are anxious to get a handle on higher education as soon as they can. From college counselors to on-campus mentors, you can get ahold of your college plan before you even get that acceptance letter. In particular, there are three resources you should be sure to take advantage of as early as possible.

Take help where you can get it


From the college application process to move-in day, there’s no prize for doing things in the most challenging way possible. As you enter college, you should take advantage of every sort of assistance you can find. For instance, consider the day you’ll move into your dorm. You could lug all your belongings across campus and up a few flights of stairs (there’s always either no elevator, a broken elevator, or a line to get on the elevator). Or, you could turn to a company like Muscular Moving Men.

MMM might not be your first thought as you enter college, yet they may very well prove to be the best decision you’ve made since committing to this school. You’re moving on campus, after all, so why not let movers help you do so?

Find knowledgeable mentors at each stage


Whether you’re just starting your college search or you’re already on campus for the semester, someone around you has been where you are now—or has at least been trained to help. For instance, juniors can begin taking advantage of college counselling for high school students, working with an expert through senior year, the college application process, and beyond.

Once you’ve moved on to postsecondary education, you may be assigned formal advisers by your school. If not, you’ll undoubtedly connect with professors or other staff members who could help you navigate the ups, downs, and in-betweens of your college experience.

Balance your lives at home and school


Before going to college, you had a particular lifestyle. However, once you’ve enrolled, you take on what’s essentially a whole new life. From new friends and schedules to new responsibilities and freedoms alike, you’ll find that the “you” you are at school is different from the version of “you” you embody back home.

Your most valuable resource, in this case, is you. Do some journaling or look into personal development work to better understand who you are and what matters most to you. Neither version of you is wrong, but they can combine to create a new and improved you 2.0, ready to take on college and all that comes after it.

Wherever you are in your college journey, these vital tips and essential resources can ensure you‘re ready to take on whatever comes your way. With the right mentors, expert assistance, and a strong sense of self, you can set yourself up for a great experience in higher education, even if you’re only in high school now. Ahead, you’ll find great friendships, qualified experts, and incredible opportunities. Then, perhaps best of all, you’ll find that there’s only more excitement still to come once you’ve crossed the stage at graduation.


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