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Best Platforms for Experienced Investors

Investment remains a savvy way to put money to good use for many people worldwide. You can earn additional income, stay ahead of inflation, build wealth, save on taxes, and meet key financial goals through many investment opportunities.

There are many ways and areas to consider investing your money into. However, the most experienced investors rely on some particular platforms to pump their cash into for the best results. Many people aren’t too familiar with these platforms, but luckily, we’re here to help with some key insights. Below are some of the best platforms available to experienced investors.

Alternative Investment Platforms


Many experienced investors rely on alternative investing as an excellent way to put money to good use. Investors typically use this investment strategy when the stock market gets rough, looking for alternative investments that aren’t tied to the market’s volatility. The most common alternative investment types include hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital. This type of investment behaves differently than your typical bond and stock investments, so adding them to your portfolio can provide broader diversification.

These alternative investments may also grow your portfolio’s risk and return profile and lead to higher returns by accessing a broader set of strategies and investments. Also, investors have direct ownership, experience less volatility, enjoy tax benefits, and have good passive investments yielding substantial incomes. Today, reliable alternative investment platforms such as Yieldstreet help investors with more alternative investing options.

Yieldstreet’s platform offers a suite of alternative investment products ranging from shipping vessels to financial instruments. The platform is good news for investors with above-average income who don’t have millions to invest with private equity firms or hedge funds. It was available to accredited investors until recently, where it announced that its prism fund is available to individual investors with a $5000 minimum investment.

Yieldstreet investments are backed by collateral and allow investors direct access to alternative investments like consumer finance, commercial loans, art finance, real estate, marine asset acquisition, and legal settlements, allowing investors with plenty of assets to diversify. Clients invest in Yieldstreet through direct investments, Yieldstreet prism funds, Yieldstreet wallet accounts (FDIC-insured savings), and IRA accounts. It’s the fastest-growing company in the Inc. 500 list. To date, Yieldstreet investors have invested millions in marine finance, art, and other asset classes. Despite several Yieldstreet complaints, Yieldstreet offers great alternative asset investment opportunities to many investors.

The Stock Market


Historically, the stock market has delivered significant returns to several investors in many countries, making it a go-to platform for many. Stock markets allow investors to stay ahead of inflation, as stocks have averaged an annualized return of 10%. As such, investors can buy and hold these stocks even if their value drops. Also, the stock market allows investors to take advantage of growing economies. What’s more, the stock market makes it easy to purchase shares of companies through a broker or online, typically in minutes. Investors can also sell their stock quickly, making their shares liquid in no time with low transaction costs.

The Internet

The internet is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary technologies in history, revolutionizing many trade and commerce areas, including investment. For all investors, especially experienced retail investors, the internet has had a profound influence on investing and provides a lot of helpful information. With a great router’s Wi-Fi speed and good gadgets like laptops and smartphones, investors can find online company reports from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website just after it‚Äôs posted.

These documents can also be downloaded within seconds to be scrutinized for crucial information due to fast download speeds. These days, Wi-Fi is popular among many due to the connection speed users enjoy using these wireless networks. Internet connections relying on top-notch routers these days is one reason why your WiFi is faster than your mobile internet provider.


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