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Getting Ready for Your 1st Time at the Spa

Whether you’re visiting a spa for a spa day or an entire weekend, it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long week of stress. However, if you’re new to the spa scene, the salon, and even the process itself, can make you a little nervous.

While you’ve been told about the joys of visiting day spas, you’re still a little bit nervous about the experience. You’ve been given a coupon to enjoy the pure joy day spa and are even going to share it with a family member or your closest friend. Now you’re worried about how you should prepare for the relaxing day ahead. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to help you get ready for your first visit to a weekend or day spa.

Schedule your day spa experience in advance.


Booking your day spa visit in advance is key since most day spas book up quickly and need to make their customers’ appointments well in advance. If you’re thinking of getting multiple treatments such as a facial, manicure, hot stone massage, or a good pedicure, then you need to talk to someone at the day spa so that they can book you in at the right time. You want your trip to be relaxing, not stressed, and hurried because the day spa wasn’t told what you want to have done.

Dress and pack for the spa.


You don’t want to arrive at a day spa in heels and a business suit. Instead, try packing and wearing some jeggings, sweatpants, and a comfortable cotton top. If your spa day is a spa weekend instead, pack comfortable clothes, such as a pair of jeggings, some skinny jeans for dinner and such, and the rest of the time, go for relaxation and comfort. After all, you’re at the spa to relax and be pampered, not to attend a fashion show.

Eat and drink lightly before arriving at the spa.


You’ll want to eat lightly before arriving at a day spa, as you don’t want to feel heavy and bloated during your spa treatment. If you’re staying at the spa for the weekend, then you’ll be provided with spa food, something that many people continue to eat even after their spa weekend is over, and they are back in their own homes and kitchens. It’s best to eat something like a salad or a fruit platter before arriving for your spa day so that you’re feeling fine when your treatments begin.

Arrive at least 30 minutes early for your appointment.


Even though it’s a spa, certain treatments require you to fill out medical questionnaires and other types of paperwork. You want to make sure that you arrive 30 to 60 minutes ahead of time, according to the treatments you’ve chosen and what the spa owner tells you so that you can fill out any paperwork and be ready to start your day at the spa on time. You’ll also need the time to change into the robe the spa provides and to go on a quick tour of the spa as well. It is possible that you’ll want to enjoy the pool, sauna, or other extras offered before your own treatment begins.

These are just a few tips to help you prepare for your spa day if you’re a first-timer. Remember, the spa is supposed to be a relaxing time to get pampered. Your trip will be more successful and you’ll enjoy yourself a whole lot more if you follow the tips above to prepare for the experience ahead. Just relax and enjoy your time being pampered at the spa of your choice.


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