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Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Partner Feel Sexy

After a stressful year of a global pandemic, social distancing restrictions, job changes, and uncertain political and economic climates, many couples haven’t had a lot of time to think about romance. Instead, the daily tasks of helping kids with remote learning and juggling how to work safely from home or in essential services have taken a front seat to intimacy. But for couples looking to make each other feel sexy, there’s hope. If you’re looking to get back on track with intimacy and want to know how to make your partner feel sexy, read on.

Performance Enhancers


Maybe you’re a man out of practice because you and your partner haven’t had a lot of alone time together. If you’re worried about your sexual performance, one way to kick things up in the bedroom might be a quick Google search for the ‘best testosterone booster.’ Whether you struggle with low testosterone or just want a supplement to increase your sex drive during stressful times, knowing you’ll have a drive, endurance and stamina could go a long way in setting the mood.

Or maybe you’re a woman who’s been so caught up with trying to keep children safe during the pandemic you haven’t bothered to shave your legs for months. Maybe your days are spent balancing remote work and online classes with your kids. For you, an estrogen supplement could be in order to help get you in the mood or pick up those energy levels. While there are pros and cons to everything, it could be worth a shot to reconnect with your partner. From increased energy levels to other health benefits or a tweak to your hormone levels, it might be worth looking into.

Dressing Up


If you aren’t ready for performance enhancers but want to get your sex life back on track, a way to make your partner feel sexy is to dress for them. Whether it’s by putting on those brand new sheer microfiber panties or wearing that cologne or tie she loves, dressing for your partner can be just enough to put you both in the mood.

Part of making your partner feel sexy begins with how you feel about you. Whether you’ve decided to go for that hormone boost or you picked up that new sexy outfit or lingerie, feeling sexy will change a lot of things. From how you interact with your loved ones, to how they perceive you, taking the time to put on your sexiest will certainly send off a message that reads more like an invitation.

Love Notes


Making your partner feel sexy doesn’t have to be expensive. From simple love notes to flirtatious text messages, you can let your partner know how much you miss and want them by taking five minutes to put it in writing. Leaving a message on the nightstand or dresser or even taping a flirty note to a mirror will let them know you’re still attracted to them in spite of busy lives and hectic schedules. That is, letting your partner know they’re wanted doesn’t have to come down to lace, sheer panties, or bikini wax. (Though those might be great ideas, too).

Small Gestures and More


Sometimes, romance is in the small details. You can make your partner feel sexy not only by flirting with them by with compliments and suggestive comments, too. Some people even believe that the best way to let a person know how much you’re attracted to them is to simply say so. There’s nothing wrong with spelling your feelings out. Your relationship is often the only place you can truly be your authentic self. For this reason, never be afraid to proposition your partner directly in a way you know works for you.

In the end, making your partner feel sexy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or even involve a lot of time. The way to make your partner feel loved, appreciated, seen, and even sexy is in the details. Even two minutes a day to leave a note, flirtatious text message, or to give a compliment can add up to making your partner feel as special and sexy as they are. In remembering to do this for your loved one, you might be surprised how quickly they return the favor.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, challenge yourself to practice new ways to make your partner feel sexy for it. Your bond will strengthen and you’ll thank yourself for it later on.


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