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10 Excellent Stocking Stuffers This Season

While it may be hard to believe, the holidays are right around the corner! With everyone staying at home now, it’s even easier to shop online and purchase gifts rather than waiting until the last minute. Most people think stocking stuffers are useless gifts and can be a waste of money, but with the right choices, your stocking stuffers will be the best part of waking up on Christmas morning.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some great stocking stuffer ideas that will cause any recipient to smile and squeal with glee.

1. Puzzles and puzzle books.


It’s always fun to give a gift that keeps on giving. If you have a loved one who likes to tinker and figure out puzzles, consider throwing in a few options into their stocking — word searches, crosswords, and Sudoku help ease away boredom in quarantine.

2. Gel Stick-On Nails


These are always a good idea for girls of all ages! It doesn’t take much to find some generic nail polish bottles, so you’ll want to go an extra step by giving gel stick on nails. These stickers are do-it-yourself manicures and provide a salon-worthy look in just a few minutes.

3. Phone Case


We all have cell phones, so we all need a good case to protect our most valuable possession. But we rarely want to buy a new case for ourselves, so why not purchase one as a gift? You can get creative in choosing the coolest colors and prints, and add on a pop socket to match.

4. Scented Candles


Who doesn’t like the fun holiday scents that come out every Christmas time? Pine, sugar cookies, cranberries, and pumpkin spice are all fan favorites, and tossing in a fun candle into a stocking is an easy way to make someone feel cozy and in the holiday spirit. Better yet, purchase a candle from a small business so you can support local creators during this time.

5. CBD Products


CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a compound that is naturally found in the hemp plant. Using CBD does not cause the user to get “high” if the product has 0.00% THC. There are plenty of benefits of CBD use for both humans and pets! Smoking hemp CBD cigarettes, chewing CBD gummies, taking a CBD tincture, or rubbing CBD-infused lotion on your body has been known to ease discomfort, alleviate occasional anxiousness, and promote a sense of relaxation and calm.

6. Hats, Scarves, and Gloves


Yet again, essential items that would make a great gift are cozy hats and gloves. Even more so if they are handmade with love!

7. Wine or Liquor


If your loved one is an alcohol drinker, consider grabbing a bottle of their favorite wine or spirit and put it in the stocking with a fun glass or tumbler. Bottoms up!

8. Coffee or tea with a cute mug.


Winter is a great time to curl up and get cozy with a warm beverage, making this gift extra thoughtful. Chances are there are some local roasters in your area, so pick a bag in a fun flavor, and find a novelty mug online to pair it with.

9. Artisan Chocolate


Why not go all out and purchase fun, artisan chocolate for the sweet tooth lover in your life? A sampler pack is an easy way to allow your friends to indulge without breaking the bank on your budget.

10. Your Favorite Book


Gift your loved one with your favorite book so that they can read it while enjoying some coffee, tea, or wine from their stocking! Plus, people love hearing the book recommendations of others, so this makes for a thoughtful gift.

Get stuffing those stockings, and don’t worry, if you want to treat yourself for something on this list, we won’t tell!


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