Lucy Hamilton

Assistant Editor

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8 Ways Restaurants Have Innovated During COVID

The restaurant industry was no walk in the park before COVID-19, with most restaurant owners operating on razor-thin margins. This pandemic has wreaked havoc on the entire hospitality industry, and restaurateurs have innovated to survive in these uncertain times. Here

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5 Great Customizable Items for Your Church

If your church is just coming out of its digital hiatus, it might be a good time to think about customizable ways you can make your congregation rejoining together a particularly special occasion. After all, the communal aspect of congregating

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6 Things You Should Do Before Summer Ends

It’s only September, but fall is starting to creep in. The mornings are getting cooler and Halloween decorations are popping up in stores. Autumn is a wonderful time, but you shouldn’t leave summer behind just yet. Make sure you enjoy

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