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Easy Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Studies show that most workers in the United States don’t like their jobs. Over 70% of Americans aren’t engaged at work, and many don’t even know their peers. As a business owner, you need to ask yourself if your employees are engaged at work or what you can do to get them to engage. Whether you run an export business or a music video production company, employee engagement is key.

The internet is full of search queries such as how to start an import/export business from home and other queries that point towards employees getting out of their present jobs and doing their own thing. Export business is just one of the home businesses that many employees are giving up their jobs for. Is this because they can’t get engaged in their current job? If you’ve recently added a new hire to your staff and feel they aren’t engaging as well, then you need some help. In this article, you’ll find a few tips for helping to improve employee engagement at your place of business.

Create an engaging onboarding experience.


While having a training video for new employees is a good idea, you need your onboarding experience to engage new hires if you hope for them to be productive and excited about their jobs. Remember, a new employee will start forming an opinion about your workplace from day one, meaning that it’s not just up to HR, but to your training managers to make that opinion positive. You want your new hire to feel like a part of the team, not just a viewer from the outside.

In other words, don’t just sit your new employee down with a training video and think your job is done. Please do everything you can to make that new employee feel comfortable while answering any questions he might have along the way. The best way to get new employees to engage is to make them comfortable in their new workspace from the beginning.

Hold regular coffee chats.


In a world where face-to-face meetings aren’t feasible, coffee chats have gone virtual instead. Just because you can’t meet personally with your team doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have those weekly coffee chats anyway. The next step for holding your coffee chats is to have them online through Zoom or Google meet. Having 30-minute meetings once a week can help keep your employees engaged, introduce a new employee to the team, and address any concerns or issues that might have popped up since your last meeting.

Schedule some fun activities.


Many businesses have turned to a company culture that prevents fun and only focuses on the bottom line. If you want your new employees and your entire team to engage, you have to have fun sometimes. For example, why not get everyone together and create a series of low-budget music videos? You can even find a supplier to get the video equipment you need at a low price. Your new employees and your entire team will have fun cutting up and making music videos that you can even put on You-Tube if everyone agrees, and you’re brave enough to increase viewers of your business. Just make sure that your video content is appropriate for the workplace, and you should be fine.

Even if you own an export business out of your home, you’re going to need new employees to help with things. Why not do the same with the music videos for them. Who knows, they could also be a form of advertisement for your business. Music videos are a great way to boost employee engagement and have fun with your new hires at the same time. The good news is that it’s worth it to spend a little money so that your employees are happy, which will make you more money in the end. After all, there’s more to work than training videos for new hires, so set up those music videos for your export business today.

These are just a few ways that you can improve employee engagement for new hires, current employees, and your business. The bottom line is that employees need to feel needed, not feel unwanted in their place of business. Whether it’s an export business or a music video production company in the United States looking to attract new viewers, employee engagement is the key to success.


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