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Ways to Save Your Photos From Disappearing Forever

No one wants to lose their memories. If your photos are lost from your phone or computer, you might be out of luck. Prevent this mistake from happening by making sure your pictures are always saved and backed up. Here are a few tips for ensuring your photos don’t disappear forever.

Upload your pictures to social media.

For some people, their social media accounts are the best way to store and access all their pictures. You might upload everything to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Then you can scroll back and see all your memories in one place. The odds of these pictures being deleted or disappearing are low (after all, everything on the internet stays there), so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of sharing your pictures with family and friends. They can see all your important memories (and maybe a few not so important ones) and know what’s going on in your life. However, sharing all your pictures to social media does have its downsides. You’ll be putting all the images online, which means they can be seen by employers or other people you may not want to see the details of your life. Now even robbers can find your location by accessing the GPS coordinates of your pictures. If you’re not comfortable putting all your information out there on the internet, you may want to stick with other methods of backing up your pictures.

Use a smart photo manager.

A smart photo manager is the best way to prevent your pictures from disappearing. ibi easily backs up your pictures from your phone’s storage, social media, and the cloud. Simply download the ibi app and start saving pictures from all the birthday parties and special occasions you have every year. Check out ibi reviews to see why it’s the best place to store your pictures. It can hold over 250,000 photos and more than 100 hours of high-definition video. There are no monthly subscription fees and you can even upload pictures from a flash drive or computer. Then set up an inner circle of people you’d like to share the pictures with. Now your parents can always access amazing photos of their grandchildren, with your permission. You control the content and who is able to see it, which is extremely important when uploading images. Some people hate the idea of pictures of themselves or their children out on the internet. Now you can rest assured that your important memories are fully secured. You can maintain privacy while still saving your photographs digitally. It’s the best way to keep your images from disappearing.

Print copies.

Why not keep it old school? If you have meaningful photos that you really don’t want to lose, print them out. What’s the point of taking all these pictures if you never look at them? You can create a beautiful scrapbook or album of memories or just print a box of pictures to keep. Older generations always had boxes full of pictures from disposable cameras and now images look better than ever. You can go through the picture boxes with your kids and their kids, and you’ll be able to share all the incredible memories together. Print high-quality pictures and hang them on the wall or give to friends and family. When you have printed copies of important memories, your family will treasure them forever and you’ll be able to look at them every day.

Don’t let your pictures disappear for good. Use a smart photo manager and print copies. You’ll love knowing that they’re backed up securely, and looking at your favorite images every day will bring you joy.


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